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Microfluidic Connectors for Lab on Chip Applications

By June 9, 2017December 23rd, 2021No Comments

The chip to world interface is one of the tougher problems to solve when developing a new microfluidic chip. While there are connectors available, the price can be daunting, pushing up development costs in areas where you’d rather not spend a lot of money.

We’ve solved this issue using low cost injection molded, bondable connectors that are multi-functional and simple to bond using epoxy or UV cure adhesives. We routinely use these for custom Lab on Chip development programs, and now offer them for you to integrate into your own device.

Bondable Hose Barbs in two styles: elbow or straight, for 1/16″OD or 1mm ID soft tubing.

Bondable Female Luer: work well with luers found on a syringes, perfect for flow experiments. Can be used as reservoirs to contain 125 uL of fluid.

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