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Case Studies

ALine’s Team understands the fundamental analytical science that drives the development of microfluidic-based products and brings comprehensive solutions to a variety of fields. Our products are designed for applications in which users are able to collect samples and get on-the-spot results. We address development needs across a range of industries including: space exploration, water quality, agricultural, food and medical diagnostics.

The Challenge of Rapid Manufacture

Manufacture for pilot scale, which is 10,000 to 50,000 units per month, often requires not just rapid scale up with high quality, but also the ability to make design and material changes as results come in.

Aline Cell Culture Card In Space!

In 2006 NASA came to ALine to help realize their vision of studying the effects of weightlessness and space radiation on the growth of living systems.

Wearables and Sweat Monitoring Devices

The wearable Sweat Patch aims to harness the biological information in sweat to provide individuals with real-time data to understand their hydration needs.

Multiplexed Fluid Handling Manifold

The Perifusion System v5 performs ex vivo testing of islets of Langerhans. A new milestone in diabetes research, this technology enables groups of islet cells to be studied in a variety of environments.

Molecular Diagnostic Product

The Gen Mark eSensor XT8is a molecular diagnostic product used in the clinical hospital lab to determine apatient’s genetic propensity to metabolize the blood thinner, warfarin. It was commercialized in 2009 and was awarded theMDEA.

Passive Whole Blood Processing With Sensor Integration

Whole Blood Point-of-Care Test systems must be precise as the results gathered could negatively affect patient diagnoses and treatment.

Recapitulation of Organ Structure and Function using Organ-On-Chip Systems

The parallelized study of cell culture, also know as co-culture, is where two or more groups of cells are grown with a degree of interaction between the cell populations.

Highly Multiplexed Fluidic Handling Manifolds

The goal of this product is the ability for programmable and highly controlled fluid delivery from multiple inlets to multiple output ports for testing.

Single-Use Cartridge For Water Quality Testing

Presenting a challenge to the ALine Engineering Team, the client needs a disposable system which manages the downstream metering mixing of the concentrated water sample and its subsequent delivery to the sensor for testing.

Multi-layer Laminates for High Performance Gas Sensing

The team at SPEC Sensors are leaders in gas sensing technology. By combining proven gas sensing methods, novel manufacturing techniques, they are able to produce small-sized, high performance gas sensors gas sensors.

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