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Bringing together science and engineering to create life-changing products

Microfluidic Engineering

Design and integration of the complete consumable. Minimize risk in design choices by leveraging our nearly two decades of experience in creating “off the shelf” fluid circuit designs for sample prep, reagent storage, multiplexing, and instrument integration.


Rapid Design-Build-Test Cycle

Rapid Prototyping with a 5-7 business day turns on new designs using scalable processes. Quality is embedded in our proprietary fluid circuit technology and is combined with traditional machining, 3D printing, and injection molding.


Pilot Manufacture & Assembly

Expert cost modeling, materials management, QA process development while managing the complexity and Design for Manufacture to ensure you’re meeting cost targets. On site Production in a class 7 cleanroom, managed under our ISO13485:2016 certified QMS


The exacting requirements
to literally launch microfluidics into space
is just one example of our success.

ALine Microfluidics Company and NASA

In 2006 NASA came to ALine to help realize their vision of studying the effects of weightlessness and space radiation on the growth of living systems. Partnering with NASA and companies such as SpacePharma, ALine continues to develop and produce microfluidic devices suitable for autonomous biological experiments in space in a cost-effective manner.

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What They’re Saying

Our work with ALine allowed us to rapidly prototype multiple generations/versions of microfluidic chips with good quality to validate our biology. The cost of the chips came down rapidly with scale.

Duleek RanatungaCEO Pear-Bio

We have enjoyed working with the team at ALine. Their professionalism and expertise has helped us meet and exceed our development timelines. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Alex RussomanoFounder, CEO New Haptics

The team at InSilixa enjoys working with the professional and knowledgeable partners we found with ALine Inc. The expertise and vision at ALine supported us more than once successfully. It is pleasure doing business with ALine inc.

Piyush SavaliaSr. Manager, Manufacturing Engineering, Insilixa

We have been working with ALine on a few projects, across two different companies in the last several years, and find the quality, responsiveness, and knowledge of the ALine team accelerates and adds value to our development.

Wendell SuCEO, Mobiosense

The hands-on, collaborative approach has been the best and most surprising part of our experience with ALine. Our technology includes components outside of what ALine produces, such as pumps and hydrogels. We sent these components to the ALine facility so the microfluidic chip designs could be built and tested for compatibility with everything else in the system, which saved us a lot of future headaches trying to fit everything together.

Duleek RanatungaCEO, Pear Bio

ALine's commitment to speed and quality has been extremely valuable to Epicore's product development efforts across multiple programs. ALine has continued to meet our manufacturing needs in support of beta testing and new product launches.

Roozbeh GhaffariCEO, Co-founder, Epicore

We're Passionate about Microfluidics

Microfluidics enables the measurement and sharing of information about the environment, your level of fitness, or to share your health status with your physician. We bring together the science and engineering needed to create products that democratize information and empower the citizen scientist.

Whether it’s a napkin sketch, or a full product requirements document, we partner with you create a microfluidic solution that delivers on all your requirements. We care about getting it right the first time. We don’t want the complexity of microfluidics to drive your program, we know how to make microfluidics “play nice” and allow you to focus on the performance optimization for other aspects of the system, like the biology and instrument control.

How Do You Design a Microfluidics Device?