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The ALine Team

Our exceptionally talented and dedicated employees

The ALine team is comprised of experienced, seasoned professionals qualified to provide the most successful microfluidics solutions.

Leanna M. Levine, Ph.D.

President And CEO

Dr. Levine, founder of ALine, Inc., is an entrepreneur, technologist, and inventor. She has a unique blend of technical expertise in bioanalytical science and manufacturing process development. She conceived and developed ALine’s proprietary microfluidic platform and has seen the company through many transitions during the last two decades.

Stefano Begolo, Ph.D., PMP

Director Of Engineering

Dr. Begolo is a key technical and business leader at ALine.
He has successfully lead teams of engineers to manage several development programs in parallel during his tenure at ALine. He has created and implemented business and operational strategies to enable ALine’s growth while spearheading the development of patented technology.

Arie Shen, MBA

Director of Business Development

Mr. Shen has a diverse background in business development and strategic growth. He builds successful and enduring relationships with clients, leading to stable growth. He is engaged with the investor and start-up community at UCI Irvine. He contributes to ALine’s business acumen by provide insight and expertise for ALine’s various growth avenues.

Travis Holloway, Ph.D.

Sr. Lead Engineer

Dr. Holloway helps to lead engineering projects at ALine through the entirety of the program cycle, with a unique background in basic science, engineering, and pharmacology. Previous experience leading the marketing of all life science inventions in the University of California Los Angeles’ office of technology transfer has helped in the successful partnership of ALine with a diverse range of clients.

Daniel Ayala

Lead Engineer

Antonio Pineda, ME

Technical Sales Engineer

Mr. Pineda is an effective and results driven professional who engages customers and prospects to learn how ALine can best serve their needs. He started as a Fabrication Technician, and moved quickly into Sales, where he enjoys blending his technical expertise with his strong focus on customer service. He brings enthusiasm and discipline to the technical sales role.

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