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Microfluidics empowers the individual to question, sample, and get on-the-spot results. ALine has supported clients in all types of industries ranging from space exploration, water quality, agricultural and food measurements, consumer and medical research products.

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An economical alternative to quarts cuvettes, the SpecVettes are short-path, low-volume precision cuvettes for transmission measurements.

SpecVette Starter Pack

An economical alternative to quarts cuvettes, the SpecVettes are short-path, low-volume precision cuvettes for transmission measurements. Want to try out SpecVettes? The SpecVette Starter kit is perfect for you!

SpecVette Universal Adaptor

SpecVette™ Universal Adaptor allows the SpecVette™ microvolume cuvette to fit in any spectrometer with a height range of 8.5mm to 20 mm.

FluoroVettes Pipettor Interface

Micro-volume cuvette great for fluorescence detection. The pipettor format allows for static fluorescence measurements using a standard fluorimeter.

FluoroVettes Tubing Interface

Micro-volume cuvette for Fluorescence Detection. The flow cell format allows for continuous monitoring for Post-Column Fluorescence Detection using a Standard Fluorimeter.

FluoroVette™ Universal Adaptor

FluoroVette™ Univeral Adaptor allows the FluoroVette™ microvolume cuvette to fit in any fluorimeter with heights of 12, 15, and 20 mm.

Custom Cuvettes

Options include a porous membrane across the viewing window to retain fluorescently tagged beads for displacement assays involving applications in industrial waste monitoring or bio/chemical threat detection.

Organ On-Chip And Cell Culture

Organ On A Chip

We’ve built a variety of devices, some with on-board pumps (see video) to support organ-on-chip research.

MicroSlide Cell Culture

The MicroSlide™ is a microfluidics suspension cell culture designed to culture suspension cells without sample loss or cross contamination.

Custom Flow Cell

ALine will work with you to choose the right materials and geometries to build a custom flowcell that attaches to your substrate or sensor.

Hybrid And Fluid Distribution

Custom Hybrid MD

Integrate droplet generators, and other small features into standard PDMS cast devices with a carrier that simplifies the connections to the outside world.

Custom Fluid Distribution

Custom Manifolds for Applications in Cell Culture or for Multiplexed Fluid Distribution with multiple inputs and/or outputs.

BioSAXS Cell

Protein sample cell designed by Cornell researchers for small angle x-ray scattering cell studies of protein structure in solution.


ADEPT 12 Channel

The microfluidics ADEPT pneumatic controller is a modular system that can be easily expanded to meet user requirements.