ALine has developed an engineering tool box of microfluidic functions and supporting instrumentation to quickly address a range of performance needs for microfluidics-based products.

Active Geometry

Active Geometry To Optimize Valves And Pumps

Controlled fluid transport throughout your device is vital for exact experimentation and consistent results. Our active membrane valves enable multifaceted sequencing of several reagents within a single product. Scheduled flow can be controlled via pneumatic or mechanical interface with the cartridge.


Channels, Mixers And Droplet Generation

We make sure your reagents reach their intended destination at the right time! We understand the physics of how fluid travels through our channels. This allows us to connect all the elements (i.e. Valves, Pumps, Chambers etc.) in your device and minimize dead volume crossover, and carry over between fluids.


Reaction Flow Cells And Chambers

In our flow cells and mixing chambers your chemical or biological reactions can be tightly controlled. Our flow cells are made to withstand cycling of high or low, pressures and temperatures perfect for PCR, Thermocycling or other many other applications!


Traps And Filters

Within in your device you may need to filter out particulates in the fluid for analysis or filter them out to throw them out. Our precision laser cut channels and features achieve this filtration or trapping for any process!


Sensors And Optical Interface

You want to measure something? We have lots of ways to help you! Optical interfacing allows for UV activated chemical processes or fluorescence measurements. Complex sensors that are unable to be manufactured into the device, can be interfaced instead using an adhesive or gasket.


Reagent Storage

Easily integrated into your microfluidic device, a reagent blister makes storing and transporting reagents easy! Whether you store a single or several reagents, a reagent blister protects the reagent(s) from evaporation and degradation during storage. Dry reagents can also be stored. Reagent blister packs are perfect for on-site testing!