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ALine awarded patent US11035480 for Sequencing Manifold

By August 7, 2021August 9th, 2021No Comments

Advanced microfluidic applications in resource-limited settings is difficult without a reliable source of power. Such settings include remote or field-portable operations where low power consumption, low cost, ruggedness, and battery operation are desirable. These reasons are why we worked to create and patent our Mechanically Driven Sequencing Manifold.

With the application of the sequencing actuator and a simple low cost source of a vacuum or pressure source, we can eliminate costly component requirements, such as solenoid valves, while enabling pneumatic control. With such actuators, it becomes feasible to operate complex fluid processing assemblies in remote and primitive locations that lack electrical sources. This new technology lowers the cost of this testing and increases its viability outside of a standard, lab setting.

A link to the patent is here

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