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ALine Videos

Visualizing fluid movement in microfluidics is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a key part of development.
As part of our engineering effort, we provide videos of fluid actuation to provide visual confirmation of device function.


Streamlining experimental evaluation of sensors in the microfluidic system is supported with a dedicated device that can run multiple samples at different concentrations across the sensor with semi-automated control.

Understanding the volumes, flow rates, and geometries that are ideal for data collection is critical for assay integration.

Microfluidic Processor

ALine’s onboard pneumatically controlled valves have been configured to enable a range of performance.

In this example, we modified our valve design and developed special actuation protocols to enable a microfluidic processor, where any fluid input, or combination of inputs can be programmed to dispense, combine, and deliver desired combinations of fluids and sent to specific outputs.

This example was the result of an effort with Dr. Peter Willis at JPL, who was interested in an using low cost plastic materials for a similar system they had developed in glass.


Metering, Mixing, De-bubbling and Dispensing are four functional requirements in most microfluidic workflows.

This video demonstrates a combination of metering to create a 4:1 dilution of two metered fluid inputs, followed by on-board microfluidic mixing, and subsequent de-bubbling before dispensing the diluted sample to a detection chamber where it can be measured either optically or electrochemically.


CADMIM Video ALine has been a technology member of the NSF-funded Industry University Research consortium Center for Advanced Design and Manufacture in Microfluidics (CADMIM).

We have supported programs co-sponsored by industry that has lead to the spinout of start-up companies. ONe example is Kino Discovery, a start-up developing microfluidics-based tissue digestion products.


Fluid distribution manifolds based on ALine’s on board valve technology have been commercialized in BioRep’s Perifusion v5 Organ on Chip Discovery Platform.


ALine’s on-board valve and pump technology can be configured to support a range of volumes and flow rates, simplifying instrumentation requirements while providing sophisticated fluid control for a range of applications, including Organ-on-Chip research.

Actuation Video

ALine’s phased engineering approach begins with feasibility, key technical risk identification, ideation of different fluidic concepts, and then down selection and testing.

Once the workflow and detection interface is developed, the different fluidic elements are combined into a working proof of concept cartridge controlled by an instrument.

This enables data collection and assay optimization, creating the design inputs for the proof of principle and system integration.

NASA Cell Culture Card

ALine is proud to support the development of devices used for exploring the effects of weightlessness and radiation on living systems.

Since 2006, ALine has worked with NASA and commercial suppliers of research tools for space-based experiments.

All precursors to the development of future space-based stations for human habitation.

Epicore Sweat Patch

Wearables are the next frontier in microfluidics.

We work with the premier developers of wearables for athletes, war fighters and patients who use these sweat patches to measure biomarkers in sweat to monitor human health.

BioRep Perifusion v5

Organ-on-Chip platforms are pushing the development of new therapeutics away from animal based testing to human-like organoids and tissues grown in specialized microfluidic devices.

ALine is proud that it’s microfluidic technology supports upstream fluid handling as well as downstream organ cultures used in therapeutic development.

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