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Adept 12 Channel

ADEPT Microfluidics Pneumatic Controller:

Reliably control your microfluidic pneumatic controllers with the ALine Development Platform (ADEPT). The ADEPT allows for a faster Design- Build- Test cycles as you can easily experiment with reagent release timing, flow rates, mixing and movement of fluid through the device with the on-board valves and pumps, all to optimize your device.

  • Precise, Independent Control of on-board Pumps and Valves.
  • Utilizes Pressure Regulators, Pressure Sensors, and Internal Pressure and Vacuum Sources.
  • Manual Toggle Switches for each valve: ON, OFF, PROGRAM.
  • 12 Programmable Pneumatic Valve Controller Unit: Run a protocol from a computer.
  • 32 Independent Solenoid Valve Inputs.
  • See our Technical Article to learn how the ADEPT has been used to Optimize Pumping and Dispensing.

Additional Information:

  • Integrated Manifold for Microfluidic Chip Mounting and Control.
  • Software and Optional Web Interface
  • Quality Control

Your Customization of the ADEPT:

Let our Engineer Team help you customize the ADEPT firmware to your specific application!

You can Integrate:

  • Sensors for Conditional Control Logic.
  • Heaters for Incubation.
  • Commands that Control or Trigger External Equipment using the Integrated. Pneumatic Control Program.
  • ALine valves and pumps into your microfluidic design.
  • Customized Independent Control. (From 4 to 32 valves.)
  • Run using Lab Air Source, or use an Integrated Air/Vacuum Pump.
  • On-board Air Regulator and Pressure Sensors.
  • Optional Miniature Dispensing Pump; e.g. 100 µL/min flow rate.
  • External Sensors for Interactive Behavior.

Additional Information:  

  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 5.5 in

Integrated Manifold for Microfluidic Chip Mounting and Control.

  • The ADEPT can be Modified with a Manifold on the top of the Instrument.
  • Pneumatic Ports connect directly into chip. (No need for External Connectors.)
  • A Window in the Center Permits Reagent Loading, and Visualization.
  • Chip held with Clamping.

Software and Optional Web Interface:

  • Programming Software can be controlled with any web browser, LabView and Custom Firmware or iPAD.
  • With website interface, ADEPT can be controlled using any combination of:
    • Physical Toggle Switches
    • Software Control with a Program stored on the MicroSD Card
    • By clicking on Virtual Buttons in the Web Interface.
  • Web Interfacing displays real-time valve status on the ADEPT, allowing you to monitor the system remotely.

Quality Control:

  • Functional testing:Verify the functionality of valves by insertion into the manifold with manual, or programmed actuation.
  • Pressure testing:Measure pressure decays in the fluid circuit to assess potential functional failure modes.
  • Metrology:Computer interface to the optical comparator camera can be used to create a CAD file with dimensional tolerance limits that can be overlaid onto an actual part. Direct measure of lines and circles can be used to measure dimensional variability from part to part or within a part

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