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the microfluidics experts

ISO13485:2016 certified
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ALine Wearables and Sweat Monitoring Devices

How Novel Technology Becomes
a Commercial Product

We believe in a future where precision medicine, with patient-centric products, improves the delivery of healthcare. ALine, and their partners, bring a complete skill-set required for realizing the roadmap to product success. We work in partnership with our pioneering clients to ensure all aspects of the product, from the reagents, consumable microfluidic cartridge, to human factors, regulatory considerations, and the cost of manufacture delivers a superior product solution that wins in the marketplace. We, along with our partners, are seasoned experts in the highly multidisciplinary effort required to bring new products for the IVD and Life Science market to fruition. ALine provides microfluidic and sample prep expertise, while our partners in regulatory, reagents, and instrumentation bring the full suite of skills and experience needed to bring your innovative idea into reality.

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Getting your Idea to Market

Taking your idea from the laboratory and turning it into a commercial product strongly benefits from the guidance and experience of industry experts. ALine and their partners have you covered in all areas of development, from translational science and engineering, to human factors and design for manufacture under an ISO13485 quality system. ALine ensures that what we create will ensure your product positively impacts lives.

Roadmap to Commercialization

Every journey needs a plan and a map. Our experience and expertise ensures your product plan will meet functional and regulatory requirements, giving you confidence that the product serves its intended purpose and meets with customer enthusiasm in the marketplace.

Shared Values Matter

We are part of a community that brings new tools to market to address important healthcare, environmental, or agricultural needs. We keep the end user in mind through the entire product development and commercialization process. It is imperative to achieve excellence through close collaboration with our clients and keep the needs of the end-user in mind. We are committed to providing the benefit of our experience and to voice our concerns and share our knowledge to ensure all aspects of the product perform as needed to be successful.

We Make Things Happen with You

We are mission-oriented. We plan and execute on the development roadmap to reach a successful conclusion to product transfer and volume manufacture. Along the roadmap to commercialization, a full complement of experts are deployed to ensure every aspect of development is executed by seasoned industry experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m still working through my idea and don’t have a design or development team yet. Would reading about Systems Engineers benefit me?

Absolutely! The best time to bring in a Systems Engineer is early in the process, so you might be closer to needing one than you realize.

I’m part way through the design or development process and things aren’t working out. Is it too late for me to bother with this?

Not at all! Although Systems Engineers love to start early on, they can definitely bring clarity and work their magic part way through a project as well.

What will you do with my email address?

Well, we’ll send you this ebook. After that, if you choose to stay on our list, we’ll send you periodic industry updates. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt-out at any time. And, of course, we’ll never sell your information.

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