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Recapitulation of Organ Structure and Function using Organ-On-Chip Systems

Challenge: Creating a Multi-chamber flow-cells for parallelized study of cell culture and interaction.

The parallelized study of cell culture, also know as co-culture, is where two or more groups of cells are grown with a degree of interaction between the cell populations. In research, co-culture cells are used to understand natural interactions, to synthetically establish these interactions or to improve upon population growth in certain environments. Co-cultures are vital in pharmaceutical research as they provide a more cohesive representation of drug effects on human cell-cell interaction than animal models.

To ensure a successful cell co-culture device is created, the ALine Engineering Team needs to take into consideration a few things. Foremost, a single inlet and outlet to provide equal flow rate to each chamber. All the while, the device must prevent direct interaction between different co-culture compartments.

Solution: Comprehensive solution to

To address these challenges, the ALine Engineering Team came up with a great solution!

Integration of custom membranes at the inlets and outlets of each chamber allows for tightly controlled fluidic movement and resistance. Simultaneously, these membranes provide appropriate cell population confinement.

In addition to cell culture these innovative custom membranes can be applied to include liver co-cultures, and lung co-cultures!


Our client, the Massachusetts General Hospital- Harvard Medical School team, was trying “to demonstrate the recapitulation of a liver sinusoid‐on‐a‐chip, using human cells only for a period of 28 days.”* Our 2-chambered membrane separated device utilizing rat and human hepatocytes were maintained successfully for 28 days.

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