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Short Path Length, UV Transparent
Economical and disposable cuvettes fit standard spectrometers
– Available in path lengths of 250, 500, 1000 microns
– UV transparency to 220 nm
– ‘Easy to Fill’ pipette tip port
– Dual chambers! Each SpecVette is really two cuvettes in one.
– Adapters to fit range from 8.5 to 15 mm z-height, and 20 mm for the Cary spectrometer

SpecVette™ Disposable UV
Transparent Cuvettes

Short-path low-volume precision cuvette for absorbance, the SpecVette offers an economical alternative to quartz cuvettes. Short paths lengths: 250, 500 and 1000 um, only require a few micro liters of sample solution (25, 50 and 100 ul). Precise path lengths to +/- 1% – no parallax as found in molded cuvettes. Each SpecVette contains two chambers; use the second chamber for a second sample, a blank or a reference. Easy to fill pipette tip shaped port, just add your sample directly from your pipettor and the flat form factor is ideal for use in microscopes. A universal adapter allows SpecVettes to be used with any spectrometer with a z-height of 12 to 20 mm. Optional flowcell connections or transparent interdigitated electrodes further expand its capabilities for specialty applications.

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Custom modifications, including porous membranes, valves, and electrodes can be made to any of our standard products.


Disposable alternative to expensive, difficult to fill, glass thin path cuvettes.
With a range of different path lengths, make measurements within the correct dynamic range of your spectrometer.

– Opaque samples that produce a lot scatter and skew the baseline.
– Optically dense samples that change their spectrum if the sample is diluted to be in the correct dynamic range using a standard 1 cm cuvette.
– Use to eliminate dilution errors for protein quantitation: boxes of 20 with matched pathlengths available


Short Path Length, UV Transparent Cuvettes perfect for Spectroscopy of Optically Opaque Tannins and Phenols

Easy- fill SpecVette™ permits dilution-free measurement of red wine samples in a disposable cell.

The quality and health benefits of beverages such as wine and tea are associated with the anti-oxidant properties of naturally occurring phenolic compounds. Measurement of these strongly UV absorbing components is not possible without dilution using a standard cuvette, complicating the routine determination of a large number of samples, and potentially altering the results.

The 250 micron path length SpecVette permits measurement of red wine samples across the entire spectrum, from 220 to 900 nm, in a single disposable cuvette. With the high resolution (.02 nm) and rapid spectral averaging possible with Ocean Optics HR4000 spectrometer, errors of 2% or less are possible, permitting multi-component analysis of samples of interest.

“Working with winemakers and in partnership with Ocean Optics, we developed a short path cuvette that meets the needs of winemakers and researchers in enology and viticulture“, explained Dr. Leanna Levine, CEO and Founder of ALine, “As with all of our custom products, we work closely with our customers to develop bioanalytical solutions, in this case, a high quality and cost effective device for researching or benchmarking the phenolics in red wine using a simple spectroscopic method.”

ALine’s short path SpecVette is available in 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and 1.0 mm path lengths, useful for a variety of sample types. The cuvettes are easily filled by capillary action using a simple disposable dropper or they can be filled and aspirated using a 20- 200 uL pipettor. The SpecVette slides into a 1 cm x 1 cm sample holder for use in a standard spectrometer. The SpecVette is UV transparent, and disposable so that no cleaning is required, and no chance of introducing contamination to ruin results.

A selector guide for a wide range of ALine’s custom “Build-Your-Own-Cuvettes™” is now available on the ALine web site. Consult with ALine for additional configurations.

Custom Bio Micro Cuvette Selector Guide
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Tech Info

SpecVette™ Specifications and Pricing


How to Fill a SpecVette™?

The SpecVette can be conveniently filled with a standard pipettor using ordinary tips.

What tubing do I use for the Hose Barb connections?

Any standard soft tubing with an inner diameter (ID) between 1mm to 1.5 mm will work. Pharmed, silicone, and tygon tubing have all been successfully used.

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