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Microfluidics Glossary

Terms and Definitions used in the Microfluidics Industry

Microfludics Terms and Definitions

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Fluid distribution manifolds are used for fluid management in complex fluid control systems. There are two types of manifolds that are available: 1) manifolds a made from precision machined, diffusion bonded acrylic or polycarbonate materials. They are tapped to connect to a variety of electromechanical components, such as solenoid valves, pumps, pressure regulators, and flow meters. They are intended for installation and replacement annually. 2) manifolds produced using microfluidic on-board valve technology that is controlled by external pneumatics using solenoid valves and a pressure & vacuum source. The fluid control is managed with pneumatics to including pumping and gradient generation. These manifolds are low dead volume, and separate the liquids from the electromechanical controls. They can be replaced after use and eliminate the need for washing. They are intended for replacement after an extended set of experiments or a long culture period.

An array of microscopic spots containing biological molecules such as DNA, proteins, or cells, often used for high-throughput analysis in microfluidic devices.

Microchannel Network
Interconnected channels within a microfluidic chip that facilitate fluid manipulation and transport.

The process of fabricating microfluidic devices using techniques such as photolithography, etching, and bonding.

Microfluidic Chip
A small-scale device containing channels, chambers, and other microstructures used to manipulate fluids at the microscale.

Microfluidic Control Systems
Hardware and software systems used to automate and control various aspects of fluid manipulation and analysis within microfluidic devices.

Microfluidic Heat Exchangers
Structures within microfluidic devices used to control and regulate the temperature of fluids, critical for various applications including chemical reactions and biological assays.

Microfluidic Packaging
Techniques and materials used to encapsulate and protect microfluidic devices, ensuring stability and reliability in various operating conditions and environments.

The science and technology of manipulating fluids at the micrometer scale, often on microchips, for various applications including biology, chemistry, and medicine.

The process of combining two or more fluids within a microfluidic device, often achieved through passive or active methods.

The replication of multiple identical microfluidic units or channels within a single device to increase throughput and efficiency in various applications. Requires careful management of flow control and pressure drops in the microfluidic circuit to ensure consistency of flow across each parallel channel.

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