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Microfluidics Glossary

Terms and Definitions used in the Microfluidics Industry

Microfludics Terms and Definitions

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Analytical techniques used to detect and quantify biological molecules or activities within microfluidic devices.

Biomimetic Design
Design principles inspired by biological systems used to engineer microfluidic devices with enhanced functionality and performance.

A detection element, such as an electroactive sensor, that responds specifically to an analyte of interest. The response of the sensor is proportional to the analyte concentration and is transduced by a change an electrical property of the sensor. Specificity is conferred to the sensor through surface modification with a binding moiety that is specific for the analyte of interest. The moiety can be either a protein, ssDNA, or an aptamer.

Bubble Traps
Structures incorporated into microfluidic devices to remove or prevent the formation of bubbles, which can interfere with fluid flow and analysis.

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