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FluoroVettes Pipettor Interface: Micro-volume cuvette great for fluorescence detection. The pipettor format allows for static fluorescence measurements using a standard fluorimeter.

  • Easy Pipette Tip interface: Fill using standard P200 pipettor.
  • Fluorescence Detection with UV excitation to 220nm.
  • Low Autofluorescence achieved using Cyclic Olefin Polymer.
  • View FluoroVette Specification Sheet Here.
  • View how to Fill a FluoroVette Here.

Additional information:

  • Quantitation of dsDNA Using The 15 Microliter Volume,Re-usable and disposable FluoroVette
  • ALine’s FluoroVette™ (patent pending) is used for applications involving fluorescence detection. It fits into all standard fluorometers using ALine’s Universal Adapter. The design of the FluoroVette™makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including quantitation of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA). This application note details the use of the FluoroVette™ in conjunction with the fluorescent nucleic acid stain PicoGreen® for the quantitation of dsDNA in the 100-20,000pg range. DNA Quantitation using the FluoroVette (PDF:100K)

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