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the microfluidics experts

ISO13485:2016 certified
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Design for Optimal Function

Microfluidic devices have emerged as powerful tools for manipulating and controlling small volumes of fluids. Their diverse applications in fields such as biology, chemistry, medicine, and engineering have sparked interest in the design and development of efficient microfluidic devices.
This eBook aims to provide an overview of the key considerations and strategies involved in designing microfluidic devices for optimal fluidic function. It covers various aspects, including channel design, material selection, fabrication techniques, and integration of additional components.
The researchers and engineers at ALine apply these principles to enhance the performance and functionality of microfluidic devices.
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Factors in Optimal Microfluidic Design

Microfluidic devices enable precise control and manipulation of fluids at the microscale level. They offer advantages such as low sample and reagent consumption, high throughput, rapid analysis, and integration with other analytical techniques. Designing microfluidic devices requires careful consideration of several factors to achieve optimal fluidic function.

Channel Design

Material Selection

Fabrication Techniques

Integration of Additional Components

Simulation and Optimization

Characterization and Validation

Future Perspectives

Optimal Fluidic Function Design

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m still working through my idea and don’t have a design or development team yet. Where can I learn about the whole product development process?

Product Development is executed in a stage process. It’s best to start by ideating the final product, and then work backwards to consider all the steps it will take to get there. Of course, expert support from those who have done it before is very beneficial. 

I’m part way through the design or development process and things aren’t working out. How do I recover and move forward again??

No one likes that sinking feeling that you are no longer on the same page with your development team. Before finger pointing commences,  make sure you’ve documented a roadmap for the development, and try for re-alignment with all parties before looking at alternatives. Even if you’ve had it, and want to move on, you’ll still need to convey where you are and where you want to be with someone else and that roadmap will come in handy. 

What will you do with my email address?

Well, we’ll send you this ebook. After that, if you choose to stay on our list, we’ll send you periodic industry updates. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt-out at any time. And, of course, we’ll never sell your information.

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