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Ultra-low Volume Bio Micro Cuvette for Fluorescence Detection is available in two formats:
– pipette tip interface, for standard 20-200 microliter pipetter or
– continuous flow cell with hose barb connections for standard peristaltic or syringe pump

FluoroVette™ Pipette Interface

Fluorescence Detection with UV excitation to 220nm, 15 microliter volume

FluoroVette™ Flowcell Format

Continuous monitoring for post-column fluorescence detection with standard fluorometer


Some of the benefits for laboratories are listed below

For the cost of 1 quartz cuvette you can have 40 FluoroVettes™

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Quantitation of dsDNA Using The 15 Microliter Volume,Re-usable and displosable FluoroVette

ALine’s FluoroVette™ (patent pending) is used for applications involving fluorescence detection. It fits into all standard fluorometers using ALine’s Universal Adapter. The design of the FluoroVette™makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including quantitation of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA). This application note details the use of the FluoroVette™ in conjunction with the fluorescent nucleic acid stain PicoGreen® for the quantitation of dsDNA in the 100-20,000pg range.


The FluoroVette™ flowcell is a convenient, sensitive, precise, and disposable companion to the PicoGreen® assay reagent in the high sensitivity quantitation of dsDNA. Its universal compatibility with all types of fluorometers, highlights its adaptability to all potential applications involving fluorescent detection.

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Tech Info


How to Fill a Fluorovette?

The pipette interface FluoroVette can be conveniently filled with a standard pipetter using ordinary tips.

What tubing do I use for the Hose Barb connections?

Any standard soft tubing with an inner diameter (ID) between 1mm to 1.5 mm will work. Pharmed, silicone, and tygon tubing have all been successfully used.

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