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Custom Bio Micro Cuvettes

The high quality and biocompatibility of the FluoroVette has inspired medical, diagnostic, and POC product developers to adapt its elegant and functional form to their custom disposable. Typically customers purchase the FluoroVette and learn that it is very easy to use, provides reproducible data, and allows initial assay development to proceed using instrumentation, such as a spectrometer or fluorimeter to which data can be benchmarked with a calibrated instrument. Further, the flat form factor of the FluoroVetteallows it to interface nicely with a microscope to examine details, such as bead loading.Examples of modifications are shown below, in which a custom cuvette has a porous membrane across the viewing window to retain fluorescently tagged beads for displacement assays involving applications in industrial waste monitoring or bio/chemical threat detection.

The modifications have allowed the custom cuvette to have flow rates up to 10 mL/min. and the unique window shape prevents trapped air bubbles, just like the standard product.

In addition to incorporating membranes in the viewing window, the custom cuvette has been modified with a shorter pathlength, smaller window, with a membrane located downstream of the optical window. In this configuration, the retained particles fill the viewing window. This is enhanced by having a very low dead volume downstream of the viewing window before the porous membrane.

Custom cuvettes with porous membranes: work in a standard spectrometer, fluorometers, and microscopes. Custom options include hose barb fittings, choice of membrane, electrodes, fluorescent oxygen sensing film. The film on the front and back as well as the body of the FluoroVette can be modified as well.

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Custom Bio Micro Cuvette Selection Table

Below you will find a custom selector guide with our most popular materials for Bio Micro Cuvettes. The selector guide will walk you through the construction of a cuvette that’s right for your application. The finished cuvette may be use with ALine’s universal adapter, the universal adapter fits most standard 1cm x 1cm cuvette holders.Applications: Absorbance , Transmission, Fluorescence, microvolume sampling, bead retention, cell culture and analysis.

Typical Instruments: Spectrophotometers, Fluorometers, Microscopes

“Build your own cuvette”

Choice of Window Material:
Acyclic olefin film,
50 micron
Advantages: Low fluorescence background, low birefringence, biocompatible,
transparent to 220 to 1200 nm, flow rates 1 uL/min to 200 µL/min.
Bcast acrylic,
0.5 mm
Advantages: Low fluorescence background, transparent to 350 nm, biocompatible,
excellent optical clarity, better choice for high flow rates (>200 µL/min.)
50 micron
Advantages: best choice for adherent cell culture where high magnification is not required.
Dcyclic olefin,
1 mm
Advantages: same thickness as a glass slide, very biocompatible, optical quality material that is UV to IR transparent.
Choice of Adhesive:
Eacrylic adhesive,
25 micron
Advantages: good biocompatibility, resistant to alcohols, base and acid. Bonds well to glass
Fsilicone adhesive,
50 micron
Advantages: solvent resistant to organics such as toluene, and hexane. Excellent biocompatibility, bonds well to glass.

Choice of Body MATERIALs & Thickness:

Fluorescence Applications:Absorbance Applications:
Gblack acrylic; 1.5 mm; volume 100 µLJclear acrylic: 2.0 mm: volume approx. 125 µL
Hblack delrin: 0.75 mm; volume 50 µLKclear acrylic: 1.5 mm: volume approx. 100 µL
IBlack polycarbonate: .25 mm: vol. approx. 15 µLLclear acrylic: 1.0 mm: volume approx. 75 µL
* at 0.5 mm and below, the cuvette is supported on a thicker layer of 0.75 mm acrylic.
listed measurements are pathlength(mm) & volume(µL)
Mclear acrylic: 0.75 mm: volume approx. 50 µL
N*clear acrylic: 0.5mm: volume approx. 25 µL
O*clear PET: 0.250 mm: volume approx. 12 µL
P*clear PET: 0.100 mm: volume approx. 7 µL
Q*clear PET: 0.050 mm: volume approx. 3 µL
Choice of Port and Location**:
RPipettor interface for convenient filling with standard 20 to 200 µL pipettor, can fill and aspirate for multiple uses.
SHose barb for 1mm to 1/16″ ID tubing such as tygon, silicone, or pharmed, for continuous flow experiments
TCustom tubing interface 1/16″ tube stubs in PEEK with IDs ranging from 0.005″ to 0.030″
UTubing connection on 12″ of 1/16 OD, 0.030″ ID FEP tubing, with a ¼- 20 threaded port connection from DIBA
** Port can be located either on the opposite sides or same side of the cuvette. Select port side when filling out the order form
Choice of Membrane and Location:
Membranes, if required, may be placed in the light path or located downstream or upstream of the window.
Examples are shown on the Custom FluoroVette page.
VFor membranes in the light path
WFor membranes outside of the light path
Choice of membrane material
X10.2 µm nylon
X20.45 µm nylon
Choice of mesh for bead retention:
Y13 micron polyester mesh
Y210 micron polyester mesh


Click here for a printable order form

Please use ALine’s order form to place an order or contact one of our support reps.

Lead time for custom orders: approx. 3 weeks, call for expedite orders
Discounts available for larger orders

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