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Custom Protein sample cell designed by Cornell researchers for BioSAX solution studies of protein structure combines improved through put with ease of use.

Please see the MacCHESS website at Cornell for more information.

ALine, Inc. BioSAX cell Pricing (October 2009)

P/N: SAX2.5A-10
Description: 0.5″ diameter, 2mm tall, with 2.5mm samle window diameter,
2.5mm wide x 1 mm tall sample inlet channel. Adhesive on the
outside with easy-peel release liner.
BOX of 10
Price (USD): $50.00

P/N: SAX2.5A-100
Description: BOX of 100
Price (USD): $375.00

P/N: SAX2.5A-300
Description: BOX of 300
Price (USD): $825.00

P/N: SAX2.5A-500
Description: BOX of 500
Price (USD): $1250.00

P/N: SAX2.5A-1000
Description: BOX of 1000
Price (USD): $2000.00

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