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ADEPT – ALine Development Platform

When developing a new microfluidic assay card, it is helpful to be able to rapidly prototype and test design changes. As you fine-tune your application, you want to be able to easily experiment with different rates and timing when you move and mix reagents with the on-board valves and pumps. These on-board pneumatic devices can be reliably controlled with the ALine Development Platform (ADEPT).

ADEPT is a programmable microfluidic controller that can operate up to 16 independent pneumatic valves. ADEPT offers both manual switches and software control with programming from a computer interface.  ADEPT runs the stored programs without being connected to a computer. Mixed use of manual and software control gives you the flexibility you need. Comes with pressure regulators, pressure sensors, and internal pressure and vacuum sources.

The ADEPT controller is a modular system that can be easily expanded to meet user requirements, by adding more valve driver modules.


System Features

The ALine Development Platform consists of:

• 8 – 16 valves in a programmable pneumatic controller unit
• regulated vacuum and pressure sources
• interface to a computer for direct programming of actuation routine


Integrated temperature controller for heating to 37C


Integrated temperature Control for thermocycling with control to +/- 0.2 C.

Control On-Board Pneumatic Microfluidic Valves and Pumps

– Precise, independent control of on-board pumps and valves.
– Manual Toggle switches for each valve: ON, OFF, SOFTWARE.
– Software control: run a protocol from a computer.
– Control over the network with any web browser, including iPads.
– Additional software control techniques: LabView, Custom Firmware.

Integrated Manifold for Microfluidic Chip Mounting and Control

– The ADEPT can be modified with a manifold on the top of the instrument
– Pneumatic ports connect directly into chip, no need for external connectors.
– Chip held with clamping, and a cut away in the center permits reagent loading, and visualization.

Optional Web Interface

ADEPT can also be configured with a network connection and be controlled from any web browser, including Safari on an iPad. When using the web interface, you can control ADEPT using any combination of the physical toggle switches, software control with a program stored on the microSD card, or by clicking on virtual buttons in the web interface. The web interface also shows the current state of all the valves on ADEPT, so you can monitor the system remotely.


Microfluidic Application Development

ADEPT is a great way to control microfluidic devices during application development. Please see our technical articles to read how it has been used to optimize pumping and dispensing.
When a prototype microfluidic cartridge is inserted into an instrument, you may not be able to diagnose or easily test the card when problems arise. ADEPT can be used to control and carefully observe prototype devices through a microscope while recording video, so that when there is a problem you can document it and plan a solution.

Quality Control

Functional testing: ADEPT can be used for verifying the functionality of valves by insertion into the manifold with manual, or programmed actuation.
Pressure testing: ADEPT can be used to measure pressure decays in the fluid circuit to assess potential functional failure modes.
Metrology: Computer interface to the optical comparator camera can be used to create a CAD file with dimensional tolerance limits that can be overlaid onto an actual part. Direct measure of lines and circles can be used to measure dimensional variability from part to part or within a part.


Technical specifications


Ordering information

To order an ADEPT, please call us toll-free at 877-707-8575, or e-mail us at

We will Build a Custom System to Fit your Needs

– Integrate ALine valves and pumps into your microfluidic design.
– Customized independent control for 4 up to 32 valves.
– Run from lab air source, or use an integrated air/vacuum pump.
– On-board air regulator and pressure sensors.
– Optional Miniature dispensing pump; e.g. 100 µL/min flow rate.
– Integrate with external sensors for interactive behavior.

Customization:  ADEPT is designed to be configurable for your application. We can customize the ADEPT firmware to add features to the system. This might be useful if you want to integrate sensors for conditional control logic, heaters for incubation, or the ability to control or trigger external equipment using the same program you use to control the on-board pneumatic devices. ALine can assist in adding features to the ADEPT firmware to fit the requirements of your applications.

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