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ADEPT ™ Development and QC Platform

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Introducing a Simple to Use and Customizable Platform for Microfluidics

Control On-Board Pneumatic Valves and Pumps – Both Manually and with Software.

– Precise, independent control of on-board pumps and valves.
– Toggle switches for each valve: ON, OFF, SOFTWARE. .
– Software control: run a protocol from a microSD card.
– Additional software control options: LabView, Processing, Custom Firmware.

Configure a System to Fit Your Needs

– Integrate ALine valves and pumps into your microfluidic design.
– Customized control for 4 up to 32 valves.
– Run from lab air source, or use an integrated diaphragm air pump.
– On-board air regulator and pressure sensors.
– Miniature dispensing pump; 100 μL/min flow rate (other options available).
– Work with us to integrate with external sensors.

Microscope and XY Stage

– Observe your experiments and record images to an SD card.
– Use optical comparator to take measurements.
– Light from above, below, or obliquely.

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