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ALine provides Microfluidic Solutions to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device Companies

Our vision is a world where microfluidic-based diagnostics and research tools are widely available to promote better stewardship of our lives and our planet.  We think rigorously and focus on the “why”; enabling product engineering to move with urgency and clarity. Optimism and enthusiasm inform our day to day work, while we strategize to minimize the impact of potential roadblocks. Our core values: make a difference, continuously improve.

ISO 13485:2016 Certified

We provide expert engineered solutions for commercial-ready microfluidic products to realize your dreams.


Over 50 years of industry experience; track record of commercial success


Program Management Professionals retire technical risk, and ensure DFM


Design, engineer, and manufacture under one roof.

Microfluidic Cartridges 0:47

ALine designs, troubleshoots, and engineers commercial-ready, single-use Diagnostic Cartridges for Point of Care and Rapid Testing. Expert problem solvers with experience spanning all sample types and a wide range of assays.

Microfluidic Manifolds 0:44

Multiplexed fluid handling manifolds for Life Science Instrumentation. These advanced microfluidic manifolds reduce dead volume and enable gradient generation. Our expertise in on-board valves is unmatched.

Microfluidics for Cell Culture o:53

ALine has pioneered the implementation of microfluidics for cell culture and organ-on-a-chip applications. Whether it’s in Space or in the Pharma discovery lab,  Our state-of-the-art solutions facilitate groundbreaking research.

Microfluidic Wearables 0:44

We offer commercial solutions for microfluidic wearables, designed for pharmaceutical and consumer applications. These wearable devices support athletes, and IoT applications.

Internet of Things 0:33

ALine’s expertise was foundational in the development of a family of high performance gas sensors for remote and distributed sensing.  The Interlink gas sensing technology facilitates the IoT for industrial and consumer applications.

Cell Culture In Space o:53

ALine pioneered a cell culture card for NASA Ames’ GENESAT mission to explore the affects of weightlessness and radiation on living systems.  ALine works with many companies to explore commercial applications of space on biology.

The Challenge of Rapid Manufacture 0:15

Manufacture for pilot scale, which is 10,000 to 50,000 units per month, often requires not just rapid scale up with high quality, but also the ability to make design and material changes as results come in.

What They’re Saying

We deeply value the incredible working relationship that Aline and the U of R have cultivated over the past few years, and we hope to continue that relationship for years to come. Nearly all the students in the MPS Network have benefitted from Aline’s impact in a meaningful way. By supporting UNY-MPSS and the MPS Network, you are investing in the future success of MPS trainees and the future of MPS in general. For all these reasons and more, we cannot thank you enough.

Kevin Lingco-President of UNY-MPS Network

We can’t say enough positive things about the support that we have received from Stefano and the rest of the ALine team. We are very glad that we chose your company as an early partner, and we are very excited to continue this journey with you!

Brent IfemembiCEO

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for ALine, Inc. Their work in microfluidic engineering and disposable development for our sample prep platform has been exceptional. Their technical expertise, commitment to quality, and flexibility have consistently impressed us.
I enthusiastically recommend ALine, Inc. for their outstanding work in microfluidic engineering. We look forward to future collaborations, confident in their ability to deliver exceptional results.

Dr. Ryan J. MontesCEO, Micropure Genomics

We have enjoyed working with the team at ALine. Their professionalism and expertise have helped us meet and exceed our development timelines. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Alex RussomanoFounder, CEO New Haptics

ALine's commitment to speed and quality has been extremely valuable to Epicore's product development efforts across multiple programs. ALine has continued to meet our manufacturing needs in support of beta testing and new product launches.

Roozbeh GhaffariCEO, Co-founder, Epicore

The team at InSilixa enjoys working with the professional and knowledgeable partners we found with ALine Inc. The expertise and vision at ALine supported us more than once successfully. It is pleasure doing business with ALine inc.

Piyush SavaliaSr. Manager, Manufacturing Engineering, Insilixa

We have been working with ALine on a few projects, across two different companies in the last several years, and find the quality, responsiveness, and knowledge of the ALine team accelerates and adds value to our development.

Wendell SuCEO, Mobiosense

The hands-on, collaborative approach has been the best and most surprising part of our experience with ALine. Our technology includes components outside of what ALine produces, such as pumps and hydrogels. We sent these components to the ALine facility so the microfluidic chip designs could be built and tested for compatibility with everything else in the system, which saved us a lot of future headaches trying to fit everything together.

Duleek RanatungaCEO, Pear Bio

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Leanna Levine, President and CEO ALIine

Leanna M. Levine, PhD

CEO and Founder

Stefano Begolo

Stefano Begolo, PhD, PMP, MBA

Director of Engineering

Arie Shen

Arie Shen, MBA

Director of Business Development

Mr. Antonio Pineda, ME, Technical Sales Engineer

Antonio Pineda, BSME

Technical Sales Engineer

Our microfluidic device engineering processes are supported with a range of tools including: modeling software, breadboard instruments, CNC machining, injection molding, laminate fluid circuit technology and die-cutting, and quality assurance tools and processes for both prototyping and pilot production and assembly under an ISO 13485 certified quality system. 

ALine's Phased Microfluidic Engineering Process

Design – Engineer – Manufacture —> ALined

ALine implements a phased engineering development process for microfluidic design that provides transparency and clarity, ensuring key milestones are met, while providing clients easy access to all program documentation.

Learn More About Design for Manufacture

Phase O


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Phase 1

Proof of Concept

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Phase 2

Proof of Principal

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Phase 3

Clinical Trials

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Our facility supports all aspects of the microfluidic device engineering effort: modeling software, engineering maker space, breadboard instrumentation, wet lab testing, dedicated production equipment, quality assurance tools, and cleanroom assembly.

Recognized Microfluidic Industry Pioneers

ALine is a highly regarded industry leader in microfluidics. We are a founding member and active participant in prestigious organizations such as the Microfluidics Association, CADMIM, and NextFlex. ALine has been honored with the Medical Design Excellence Award, Supplier to a Winner for our exceptional contributions to the field. We continue to pioneer applications and publish with our clients as we advance the field.  

ALine Microfludics Case Studies

ALine Microfluidics Videos

ALine - The Microfluidic Experts

Unlock the Power of Microfluidic Devices for Your Scientific Innovations to Create Life-Changing Products


Precision and Accuracy

Microfluidic devices provide unparalleled precision and accuracy in fluid manipulation, enabling you to achieve reliable and reproducible results. With intricate microchannels and controlled flow rates, you can trust in the precise handling of even the smallest volumes of liquids.

Speed and Efficiency

Say goodbye to time-consuming and labor-intensive processes. Microfluidic devices streamline workflows by automating fluid handling, reducing manual errors, and accelerating experimentation and analysis. Experience faster results without compromising quality.

Miniaturization and Cost Savings

The power of miniaturization with microfluidic devices. These compact systems enable you to perform complex assays and experiments in a smaller footprint, requiring fewer reagents and samples. This not only saves costs but also conserves valuable resources.

Versatility and Flexibility

Microfluidic devices offer a wide range of applications across various industries, from biomedical research and pharmaceutical development to environmental monitoring and diagnostics. With their modular designs, these devices can be customized and tailored to suit specific experimental requirements, ensuring flexibility and versatility.

Integration and Compatibility

Integrate microfluidic devices into existing workflows. Incorporate microfluidics into your research effortlessly.

Advancements in Life Sciences

In the field of life sciences, microfluidic devices have revolutionized areas such as cell culture, organ-on-a-chip models, and high-throughput screening. Experience enhanced control over cellular microenvironments and explore complex physiological processes reproducibly.

Unlock the full potential of your research and take advantage of the numerous benefits that microfluidic devices offer. ALine, a leading microfluidics company, combines expertise, innovation, and a proven track record of success to the  development of state-of-the-art microfluidic products. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards groundbreaking discoveries and transformative solutions.

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